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Pet Friendly Dude Ranches & Horseback Riding Resorts

Bring all your family members on vacation at these dog friendly dude ranches and horseback riding resorts for a pet friendly family vacation. As avid animal lovers, we here at Equitrekking know that pets are members of your family, too, and that many of us want to bring our dogs with us on our t...

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Equitrekking Exotic Food on the Road- Poutine, Chivito and more

Thinking of traveling somewhere new? Ever wonder what you'll eat on your travels? by Darley Newman Take a look at the culinary delights we've enjoyed on our adventures traveling the world filming Equitrekking. Learn about the exotic foods that you can expect to chow down on during your...

Darley’s Travel Blog

Vermont Summer Horse Festival

The Vermont Summer Festival is back with six week of horse events in East Dorset, only about an hour from the Mountain Top Inn and two hours and twenty minutes from the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm. On my visit to Vermont to film for Equitrekking Vermont, part of Equitrekking's ...