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Ecuador- Horse Riding the Northern Highlands

Historic haciendas, markets, local crafts and horse riding to experience Ecuador's colorful cowboy culture. By Susan Seligman Photos by Susan Seligman Ecuador's northern highlands offer riders an unparralled equestrian paradise only an hour and a half from its bustling capitol of Qui...

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Spain- Tapas on the Trail

by Equitrekking host Darley Newman Andalucía is a part of Southern Spain where orange groves and olives trees are lit by year-round sunshine, historic haciendas greet guests with abundant food and a relaxed Spanish lifestyle, and the magical Andalusian horses await to whisk you awa...

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Spain- Dressage in Andalucia

by Equitrekking host Darley Newman As I watched Napoleon, a beautiful white Andalusian, prancing around, agitated at having to stand for a moment, I felt sure that this was not the horse that I would be riding for my dressage lesson. It was. Vivi Garcia, who has been studying dressage he...