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Exploring on Horseback the Costa Rican Way

Riding the tropical, jungle-covered mountainsides to a secluded waterfall in Costa Rica. by Corinne Brown Most Americans think of Costa Rica as a tropical getaway; a place, to fish, sail and surf. It’s touted as a Central American paradise with miles of coastal beaches and crystalline wa...

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San Carlos, Costa Rica - Exploring on Horseback

Ride the pineapple fields and into the Platanar RIver to cool off in this Equitrekking travel video clip. by Darley Newman San Carlos, Costa Rica is an area made famous by Arenal Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. We went horseback riding to Arenal, but also delved further...

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YQA - Top 5 Most Extreme Horse Rides

Five Thrilling Horse Rides That Will Earn You Bragging Rights by Darley Newman We've taken and filmed a few "extreme" horse rides with Equitrekking. Here's my top five most extreme horse rides. Want to challenge us to try an exciting horse ride? Email us and let us know about it or c...