San Carlos, Costa Rica - Exploring on Horseback

Ride the pineapple fields and into the Platanar RIver to cool off in this Equitrekking travel video clip.

by Darley Newman

San Carlos, Costa Rica is an area made famous by Arenal Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. We went horseback riding to Arenal, but also delved further into the bucolic plains of San Carlos. This is a beautiful area to explore with the locals on horseback. The land is diverse, with large open tracts, great for cantering and mountains, where you can ride up high to take in views of the surrouding area and Arenal.




Costa RIca Video Transcript

Darley: We’re off to explore the Northern Plains of San Carlos. This part of Costa Rica is known for its rich agriculture. We pass by large fields of pineapple and sugarcane, but not every crop here is grown on a large scale.

Esteban: In this area, you know, the most likely to see small farms, and, you know, people are so self-sufficient, you know, like, um, the difference between here and the cities, you know in this kind of climate anything goes. They would have pigs and all their animals, they would have a main crop, you know, for the rest of the property.

Darley: You moved from the city to out here. What is it like? How is it different?
Esteban: Oh, you know, we love it, and we just wanted to get out of the noise and the fast life, and what better place to do it than this? You get back in time, you know, you get so natural and so primitive. In a way, you know, that it allows you to enjoy the good things, the simple things in life.

Darley: It’s very tropical down here.
Esteban: Where there is water, there is life, and this area is famous for its irrigation. There are so many rivers crossing these plains, you know, like, that it’s unbelievable.

Darley: We head to the Platanar River to let our horses cool off a bit.

Darley: Woah! Now it’s getting deep!

Darley: laughs. What a splash!
Esteban: There you go! Laughs.

Darley: The horses are cooled off now!
Esteban: For a hot day this is the way we turn on the air conditioning!

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