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A Standard Journey – Giving Up Everything to Help Horses in Need

Jackie Parry and her husband Noel rescued five horses from an unknown fate. They sold everything they had. Below is their story. They said we couldn't do it. At times I certainly felt they were right. But were they right in the end? We adopted five scatty Standardbred horses that cou...

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California Historical Artillery Society- Horse Rescue & Reenactments

Learn about the California Historical Artillery Society (CHAS), an organization that rescues Standardbreds and gives them new lives as artillery horses for Civil War reenactments. by Jocelyn Pierce The California Historical Artillery Society (CHAS) has been performing historical reenactme...

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog

American Standardbred Love Story- Life Lessons from a Horse

What I learned from an off the track American Standardbred named Homie and the kindness of strangers, who share a love for horses. by Sarah Foisy Hello, my name is Sarah. I have a story to tell, and I believe my story so important that I am willing to tell it to anyone who will listen. I curr...