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Time Point is on Her Side, Elder Champions

What’s a 70 year old lady doing riding around on a 21 year old Thoroughbred? Winning championships on the California dressage circuit, for starters. by Susan Salk  In 2013, Marilyn Vail and her lightly raced T-bred Time Point were named North American Thoroughbred Society&rsquo...

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Life After the Racetrack – Retraining Racehorses for New Careers

Potential new careers for a racehorse and understanding racehorse retraining from leading racehorse trainers at Jonjo O’Neill Racing. Like all of us, there comes a point in a racehorse’s career when they must retire. Whether down to age or injury, a racehorse’s time on the t...

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog

Off-Track Thoroughbreds & the USET- Back to the Future?

Do Off-the-Track-Thoroughbreds (OTTB's) make good competition horses? Karen Prell makes the case that OTTB's could have a bright future in the show ring, even at Olympic levels. by Karen Prell Now that the 2012 London Olympics are over, and we’ve all had a chance to catch ...