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Dana Village Horse Trek in Jordan

Ride back in time through a 15th century village in Jordan, right beside the Dana Nature Reserve. by Darley Newman I certainly felt like I was stepping back in time as I rode an Arabian horse through the small village of Dana on the edge of the Dana Nature Reserve in Jordan. I listened to the...

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Horse Trekking in the Wadi Rum in Jordan

Riding Arabian horses with the Bedouin in Jordan was one of the most amazing adventures of my life!  by Darley Newman As my horse Chams began to inch forward past my Bedouin guide Atallah on his well-trained racing mount, my heart beat so quickly that I could hardly breathe. I pulled the ...

Darley’s Travel Blog

Bedouin Meal Video in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Ever wonder what you'd eat on a desert trek with the Bedouin in the Middle East?  by Darley Newman Saddle up with this Equitrekking video of our culinary adventures while riding in Jordan. Even though I was there at the end of September, a cooler time to ride in Jordan’s deser...