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Chaz - The Mustang from White Sands, New Mexico

The history of wild horses at White Sands and Chaz, a Mustang who found a home- a wild horse adoption success story! Story by Steve Simmons, Photographs Supplied by the Joe and Merrill Hancock Family.  White Sands Wild Horse History The wild horses of White Sands, New Mexico had live...

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Photographing the Free Roaming Horse

Learn about the challenges and rewards of photographing wild horses  by Steve Simmons For years I admired and revered many of the wild horse photos I’d seen in books, magazines, and art galleries. Stallions locked in combat. Herds running at full gallop across the landscape. You a...

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Utah- Wild Horse Safari Vacation

Discover wild horses on a horse safari in Utah by Darley Newman One of the reasons I love discovering a new place on horseback is that I feel like a modern day explorer. I like to learn that insider's information that only a local can provide and bring that home to share with my friends an...