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Equitrekking Uruguay Video Promo and Behind the Scenes

Watch a preview of Equitrekking's Uruguay TV episode by Darley Newman Ride with the gauchos, visit working ranches and eco-friendly estancias and feel the energy! I ride with the gauchos as we explore the small, South American country of Uruguay this Sunday, April 10, on Create TV. ...

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Uruguay Eco-Friendly Estancia Ride

I enjoy finding hidden gems, places where I can ride that make me feel like I am stepping back to a simpler, more natural time. At La Salamora, a family-run lodge powered entirely by wind power in the rocky, rolling grasslands of Lavalleja not too far from the resort area of Punta del Este, I di...

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Uruguay- La Salamora Castle Horse Trek

A castle in Uruguay, you might ask? Well yes. Join me on a castle horse trek. by Darley Newman Trail Riding to the Castle Just over the hill from La Salamora lies a stone castle built in 1928 by an eccentric lottery winner. Why he decided to build a castle amid the rolling grasslands of Urug...