Equitrekking Uruguay Video Promo and Behind the Scenes

Watch a preview of Equitrekking's Uruguay TV episode

by Darley Newman

Ride with the gauchos, visit working ranches and eco-friendly estancias and feel the energy!

I ride with the gauchos as we explore the small, South American country of Uruguay this Sunday, April 10, on Create TV

Slightly smaller than the state of Washington, Uruguay is bordered by Brazil, Argentina and a long Atlantic coastline of beautiful beaches. Its population of around 3.4 million people is vastly overshadowed by its population of cattle, sheep and horses. 

We certainly filmed a variety of destinations that are unique, like Valle del Hilo de la Vida, the Valley of the Thread of Life. This area of stone cones may have been created by native people over a thousand years ago, and researchers are not sure exactly why. The valley is thought to be sacred and hold a special energy.

I really liked Punta del Este and the beach areas. Growing up in a beach town myself and loving the outdoors, I liked the variety. You could be in populated, touristy areas or wide open beaches where there were very few people to be seen. Horse riding on the beach was a real rush and visiting historic Santa Teresa Fort on horseback was a highlight.

Check out the special Uruguay Estancia Tour  that we created based on our travels and filming with the locals. This tour is led by Alicia Morales, who is featured in Equitrekking's Uruguay episode. There's also a beach riding equestrian vacation and a self-drive, great for riders and their non-riding companions. More at EquitrekkingTravel.com.