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Iceland Travel Videos from Equitrekking

Ever wanted to snowmobile in a glacier? What about ride horses in the "Land of Fire and Ice"? See what it's like by watching our Iceland Travel Videos by Darley Newman Iceland is called the "land of fire and ice," where volcanoes, geysers, and nature rule supreme. With summers of almost co...

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YQA - My Favorite Horse Breeds

Learn about one of our favorite parts of Equitrekking... Riding Different Horse Breeds by Darley Newman Traveling the world on horseback, means riding and adjusting to various breeds of horses in their native setting. This is one of the most interesting parts of traveling the world to ride w...

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The Icelandic Horse

By Judie Framan Photography by Elliot Framan The horse is an integral part of the Icelandic nation. They came to Iceland with the Vikings around 900 AD. It is thought that they were descendents of the Mongolian ponies that were imported to Scandinavia. The story of the settling of the islan...