Iceland Travel Videos from Equitrekking

Ever wanted to snowmobile in a glacier? What about ride horses in the "Land of Fire and Ice"? See what it's like by watching our Iceland Travel Videos

by Darley Newman

Iceland is called the "land of fire and ice," where volcanoes, geysers, and nature rule supreme. With summers of almost constant sunlight and winters blanketed in darkness, Iceland is a fascinating country of extremes. We explored a bit of it all on horseback, snowmobile and on foot. 

Join me to try the popular pylsur hot dogs in Reykjavik, snowmobile on a glacier and ride Icelandic horses to absorb Icelandic horse culture. 




1. Iceland Pylsur- I Tried It & LIked It Video

2. Icelandic Horses & Culture with Equitrekking

3. Snowmobiling in Iceland Behind the Scenes

4. Icelandic Horses on Equitrekking