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Three Great Places to View Wildlife on Horseback

Interested in seeing wildlife on your next horse ride? Here are three great places to spot some of the world's most colorful wlidlife on horseback. by Darley Newman One of the benefits of traveling on horseback is that you can unobtrusively move through nature. Animals often are not as afr...

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10 Great Places to Horse Ride- #2 Costa Rica

Horse riding at the base of Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica is a once in a lifetime riding adventure. by Darley Newman Located in Costa Rica’s fertile northern lowlands, Arenal Volcano was spewing lava, boulders and a lot of smoke when we filmed here for the Equitrekking Costa Rica episode....

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Costa Rica Travel Videos from Equitrekking

Visit Arenal Volcano and horseback ride on the beach in Costa Rica at Sunset. Experience a wild local festival on horseback - the Cabalgata. Meet the locals you may encounter if you travel to Costa Rica on a riding vacation. by Darley Newman One of our favorite destinations to experience adven...