Costa Rica Travel Videos from Equitrekking

Visit Arenal Volcano and horseback ride on the beach in Costa Rica at Sunset. Experience a wild local festival on horseback - the Cabalgata. Meet the locals you may encounter if you travel to Costa Rica on a riding vacation.

by Darley Newman

One of our favorite destinations to experience adventure travel is Costa Rica. The natural wonders, wildlife and local culture combine for an all-sensory travel experience. Riding horses with the locals to explore the coast, rainforests and the mighty Arenal Volcano brought us closer to the wildlife and energy that makes Costa Rica such a "hot" travel destination. Check out the video playlist below from our adventures in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Travel Video Playlist

1.  Costa Rica Arenal Volcano & Beach Horseback Riding

Visit Arenal Volcano and ride horses on the beach at sunset in Costa Rica. Arenal Volcano is located northwest of San José. It's an active volcano, which has been spewing lava since 1968. If you're there after dark, you're in for a spectacle of lights. 

Costa Rica's beaches on the Pacific Coast area a beautiful place to ride horses. Take in a Costa Rica sunset as Darley and her local friends ride the beaches near Jaco.

2. Equitrekking Behind the Scenes at the Cabalgata

The Cabalgata is a wild horse festival in Costa Rica. Go Behind the Scenes with Equitrekking, as Emmy nominated host Darley Newman horseback rides in a Cabalgata with local people and films the festival on horseback! The Equitrekking series and host and producer Darley Newman, director of photography Greg Barna and executive producer Chip Ward have all been nominated for Daytime Emmys. This small, close-knit crew travels the world filming the Equitrekking series.

3. Equitrekking Travel Costa Rica Riding Vacation

This Costa Rica horse riding vacation encompasses the best of Costa Rica including Arenal Volcano, Cloud Forests, wildlife, a horse festival called the Cabalgata and hot springs on your own private tour.

4. Equitrekking Travel Meet Your Host for Costa Rica Riding Vacations

Meet the owner and your host for the Equitrekking Travel Costa Rica horse riding vacation, Esteban. Esteban is featured on the Emmy winning third season of Equitrekking on PBS.