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4 Great Working Ranch Vacations

Want a ranch vacation at an authentic working ranch? Check out these diverse picks where you can join cattle drives, enjoy team penning, round-ups and more across the USA. by Darley Newman If you've always wanted to experience life as a cowboy or cowgirl, saddle up at one of these wor...

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Thanksgiving at Ranches Across the USA

From trail rides in the sun and snow to awesome ranch feasts, check out photos from Thanksgiving at ranches across the USA. by Darley Newman From Colorado to Arizona to California, there was a lot going on at dude ranches for Thanksgiving. While many guests and owners enjoyed trail rides, othe...

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California Dude Ranches & Horseback Riding Photo Journey

Rolling green mountainsides dotted with white-faced cattle, cool creeks, rural pastures and verdant pine forests... this is some of the scenery you may find exploring the great outdoors from California dude ranches, where horseback riding is an excellent way to take in the diverse landscapes and n...