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Uruguay’s Mysterious Stone Cone Valley

Feel the energy on a horse ride to the Valley of the Thread of Life by Darley Newman Have you ever been on a horse ride to a historic place where you've felt some sort of energy? In Uruguay, I did. I went horse riding with a local named Alicia Morales of La Salamora Estancia to an are...

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Uruguay- Eco-friendly Estancias

Travel to an eco-friendly estancia in Uruguay in South America by Equitrekking host Darley Newman I enjoy finding hidden gems when I travel and places where I can ride that make me feel like I am stepping back to a simpler, more natural time. The estancias that I visited in Uruguay, a small...

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Uruguay- Gaucho Adventures

In Uruguay, gauchos still run the estancias. ATV’s and trucks haven’t replaced steeds. Learn about ranches where you can meet local cowboys. by Darley Newman. Originally published in True West magazine. As a sudden rainstorm passed, I was glad to have on the wool poncho that Jorge...