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Riding Paso Finos in Colombia Coffee Country

Riding smooth horses at a historic coffee farm, where fresh roasts and rugged terrain are on the agenda. by Darley Newman I wasn’t expecting to ride on my visit to Hacienda Venecia, one of Colombia’s top coffee farms, but when the owner, Juan Pablo Echeverri, offered me the chance ...

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Riding in the Highlands Above Bogota

A horseback riding adventure just an hour from Bogota with good horses and beautiful views. by Miguel Gonzalez When one travels to Bogotá, horseback riding usually isn’t on the top ten list of things to do. Bogota, a very historic city, with incredible history and sights such...

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Horseback Riding in Colombia with Hotel Posada Las Trampas

With a warm climate and well-preserved historic town center, Honda mixes history with tropical surroundings and access to ranches that have been passed down from generation to generation, making for a exciting and interesting riding vacation for those who want to get off the beaten path. by Darl...