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A Horse Racing Family’s Perspective on “Breakdown”

A former professional female jockey from a horse racing family responds to The New York Times BREAKDOWN series.  Raina and her ex-racehorse, Bahamut / ©Edgar Paucar The recent articles in The New York Times series: BREAKDOWN Death and disarray at America’s racetracks i...

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog

Bombproofing Bahamut Part III

"It’s In The Bag." My horse training tips and desensitizing exercises. An essential technique for retraining your ex-racehorse is "bombproofing,"  or "sacking out," which is a series of desensitizing exercises. Working with my OTTB, off the track Thoroughbred, Bahamut is an adventur...

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Race2Ring Comes to the Rescue of Ex-Racehorses

According to statistics released by The Jockey Club, approximately 25,000 U.S. Thoroughbred foals were born in 2011. Only a small percentage of these will become successful racehorses. Have you ever wondered where they will go after their racing careers end?  by Raina Paucar As horse love...