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Three Great Places to View Wildlife on Horseback

Interested in seeing wildlife on your next horse ride? Here are three great places to spot some of the world's most colorful wlidlife on horseback. by Darley Newman One of the benefits of traveling on horseback is that you can unobtrusively move through nature. Animals often are not as afr...

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Horsing Around in Central Oregon

A rider explores Ochoco National Forest in Central Oregon, enjoying the abundant wildlife, wildflowers and mountaintop views. by Pamela Adler Central Oregon is a vast area blessed with majestic mountains, clear running rivers and gorgeous trout-filled lakes. The natural beauty of the area als...

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Alaska Travel Videos from Equitrekking

Summer Travel Ideas for Your Alaska Vacation - Boat Tours, Horse Riding, Scenic Drives and Darn Good Salmon! by Darley Newman With summer approaching, many people are making travel plans. If Alaska is on your bucket list, it's best to book well in advance. Alaska is a popular family and ad...