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Spain’s El Rocío and Atlantic Coast Photo Journey

Beautiful images from Spain’s Atlantic Coast, ancient pilgrimage roads, and Doñana National Park! Ride magnificent Andalusian horses in this area of ancient culture and equestrian tradition. Discover beautiful scenery on exciting and varied rides on this holiday, which begins on anc...

Equestrian Travel Articles

Catalonia Spain Horseback Riding Photo Journey

Ride Andalusian horses and become immersed in the beauty of Catalonia on this riding holiday! Located in the northeast part of Spain, Catalonia is close to the cosmopolitan capital, Barcelona, and has an identity and language all its own. The Catalonia region has diverse landscapes, all within c...

Equestrian Travel Articles

Mangalarga Marchadors ride the Way of St. James!

A husband and wife couple take their dream ride on the Way of St. James or El Camino de Santiago in Spain by Sophia Baptista de Oliveira, Haras Maripa   My husband Marcelo has always been fanatic about horses.  He has raised Mangalarga Marchadors for thirty-one ...