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Dream Jobs: Saddle Fitter

Sarah Steel uses her equestrian career to help horses and riders perform their best. by Karen Braschayko Sarah Steel has been riding since childhood, and she turned her love of equines into a business. As a saddle fitter in Yorkshire, England, she travels the countryside to help horses and t...

Expert Equestrian Articles

Dream Jobs: Western Saddlemaker

Wendy Allen has spent four decades crafting Western saddles, and her innovation and tenacity have changed the industry. by Karen Braschayko Master saddlemaker Wendy Allen has helped thousands of horses and riders while building her reputation as a rock star of the saddlery world. Most famous ...

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Spanish Vaquero Tack - What You Saw on Equitrekking

Integrating with the locals on our travels means riding horses with the local tack. In Spain, the traditional Vaquero style was often used. by Darley Newman One of the most recent questions emailed to us was regarding the unusal tack on the horses that we rode in the Equitrekking Spain episode...