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10 Things to Know About Iceland Riding Holidays

Things I wished I'd known before horse trekking in Iceland. If you're thinking about horseback riding in the Land of Fire and Ice, read this first. by Darley Newman Below are 10 things to know before you travel on an Iceland riding holiday. Have something I've missed? Join the con...

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Eco-Friendly Riding Vacations-Part 2

Horseback riding tours are a great way to see the countryside with minimal ecological impact. Check out some top picks for "green" riding vacations. by Jocelyn Pierce In Part I of Eco-Friendly Riding Vacations, the importance of sustainability practices and eco-tourism were highlighted. Both Stone...

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10 Great Places to Horse Ride- #5 Iceland

Ride Icelandics in the Land of Fire and Ice, which comes in at #5 in our Top 10 Countdown. by Darley Newman Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, just South of the Artic Circle. Called the land of fire and ice, Iceland is home to spewing geysers, roaring waterfalls, giant glaciers an...