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The White Horses of Camargue

Head to France to observe the beautiful white horses of Camargue in their habitat, or ride a domesticated one through the area’s stunning wetlands! by Jocelyn Pierce People flock to the Mediterranean coast of France to see the herds of wild white horses of Camargue. Dramatically beautiful an...

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Horseback Riding Chateau de Versailles in France

An equestrian explores the beautiful gardens, grounds and palace at Chateau de Versailles outside of Paris. By Karen France In September 2013 to celebrate my 50th birthday, I was fortunate to go horseback riding through the royal hunting and palace park grounds of the magnificent Chateau de Ve...

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Horseback-riding tradition in France added to the UN heritage list

Horseback-riding tradition in France and the Czech "Ride of the Kings" added to the UN-backed list of world's outstanding examples of intangible heritage. by Darley Newman A 24-member intergovernmental committee has included horseback-riding tradition in France and the Ride of the Kings in...