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Roman Chariot Driving Video

by Darley Newman In the historic Roman city of Jerash in Northern Jordan, I was able to try one of the most unique equestrian experiences I could have ever imagined, riding in a horse drawn chariot- rather racing- as a part of RACE, the Roman Army and Chariot Experience. It’s the NASCAR of...

Darley’s Travel Blog

Bedouin Meal Video in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Ever wonder what you'd eat on a desert trek with the Bedouin in the Middle East?  by Darley Newman Saddle up with this Equitrekking video of our culinary adventures while riding in Jordan. Even though I was there at the end of September, a cooler time to ride in Jordan’s deser...

Darley’s Travel Blog

Wadi Rum Riding with the Bedouin

by Darley Newman Ride through the Wadi Rum Desert with me and my Bedouin guide, Atallah Swalhen. This video features the desert's beautiful expanses. The Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan is called ‘The Valley of the Moon’. Having ridden the lunar landscapes of Iceland as well as th...