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5 Great Equestrian Instagram Accounts to Follow

Looking for a little equestrian inspiration to liven up your feed? Look no further than these five Instagram accounts that post creative and beautiful photos of horses. 1. @irishnationalstud Irish National Stud The Irish National Stud, located in County Kildare in Ireland is a working bree...

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Award Winning Equine Artist Kathi Peters

A life of travel, art and horses inspired award-winning equestrian artist Kathi Peters. Learn about her path to success in this artist interview. I draw, I paint and I muck stalls... that's my day! I am a professional artist with 4 horses, a dog and a cat and a husband.... In that o...

Expert Equestrian Articles

Equine Artist Laura Barnhardt Corle

Learn how Laura's passion for horses inspired her career as an artist.  Darley Newman: Have horses and art always been a passion? Laura Barnhardt Corle: I actually became an artist because I wanted a horse. In the late 50’s in Lima Ohio, the Meadowgold Dairy still had wagons ...