5 Great Equestrian Instagram Accounts to Follow

Looking for a little equestrian inspiration to liven up your feed? Look no further than these five Instagram accounts that post creative and beautiful photos of horses.

1. @irishnationalstud
Irish National Stud

Irish National Stud Mare and Foal

The Irish National Stud, located in County Kildare in Ireland is a working breeding farm and home to many of the top thoroughbred racehorses in Ireland. Subjects include adorable newborn foals, sleek racehorses, and the Irish countryside.

2. @aidenkramer93
Aiden Kramer

Aiden Kramer Instagram Horse

Aiden Kramer lets us into his world as a horse trainer and facility manager at Bavarian Meadows in Verona, Kentucky. His photographs are dramatic and thoughtful while pushing the boundaries of light, composition, and ingenuity. “Each day I upload one capture in which I try to show people how I look at these beautiful creatures,” said Kramer. “I hope it inspires others to do the same.”

3. @ranchlands

Ranchlands Instagram Horses Galloping

Ranchlands manages several large ranches and implements conservation practices in order to preserve the heritage of ranching. Get an insider’s view of the ranching way of life and the horses that help support it in the American West.

4. @outinafrica
Out in Africa Encounters
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Out in Africa Horse Safari Hippos

Out in Africa Encounters is based in South Africa's Limpopo district, bordering the renowned Kruger National Park. Take a virtual horseback safari through untouched wilderness areas with their up close and personal photos of African wildlife.

5. @kristinekjaerstad
Kristine Molina Kjaerstad
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Quarter Horse Tail Kristine Kjaerstad

Kristine Molina Kjaerstad’s account focuses on her partnership with her Quarter Horse, Cindy. The pair competes in roping, barrel racing, and polocrosse. This doesn’t seem out of the ordinary at first, until you realize the pair lives in Norway where these disciplines are a rarity. Kristine prefers to shoot with her iPhone as opposed to a larger, bulkier camera. “I find that by using my iPhone I can capture more of the intimacy between me and my horse,” said Kristine. 

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