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A Classical Horseback Riding Vacation in Tuscany

Fall in love with the art of dressage on this peaceful and relaxing holiday in Italy where you will also hone your riding skills. by Jec Aristotle Ballou It feels like the type of riding that will continue to improve at once your commitment, your skills, and maybe even your heart long after le...

Equestrian Travel Articles

Dressage Training Vacations for the Equestrian

Have you ever wanted to come home from your riding vacation with improved abilities and a greater understanding of riding principles? We look at dressage training vacations in Portugal and Spain to inspire your next holiday. by Jocelyn Pierce Every level of rider, from beginner to advanced, ca...

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Spain Travel Videos

Travel videos from Equitrekking's film shoot in Spain Watch travel videos from Andalucia, Spain, where we filmed two Equitrekking episodes and watch Equitrekking Spain on Create TV tomorrow.     Check out the playlist above to watch these Equitrekking travel videos fro...