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A New Kind of Equestrian Park for a New Kind of Rider- Part 1

Filling the void - A delightful suburban equestrian venue that offers après-riding amenities in a scenic garden park. by Juliette Ober This past weekend my husband, Brian, and I found a few minutes to catch a glimpse of the final round of the Masters Tournament and immediately our golfe...

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The Theme Park Redesigned to be a Horse Park- Part 2

A vision for the ultimate horse community. by Juliette Ober Quaint gardens in a Disney park beg for real (as opposed to carousel) horses and riders. Photo Credit Walt Disney visited Tivoli Gardens in Denmark to get ideas for his original (160 acre) Disneyland ...

Expert Equestrian Articles

Desired Amenities for the Ideal Après-Riding Park- Part 3

What would be in your ideal equestrian park? Perhaps little cafes in a park as beautiful as a golf course? Flower-bedecked lanes and quaint bridges? Read below for more of equestrian Juliette Ober's dream horse park. by Juliette Ober The French prefix après- means after - specifical...