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Groundwork for a Calm, Cool, Collected Horse

My strategy for a calm, cool and collected horse–– groundwork exercises that I do with my ex-racehorse Bahamut. Since Equine Affaire I’ve taken some time off to asses where Bahamut is in his training. After reviewing his performance in the clinic, I’ve decided to go back ...

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog

My Personal Off The Track Thoroughbred Adoption Story

My Off TheTrack Thoroughbred Adoption Story Begins With Reservations And Reward. by Raina Paucar   Bahamut and Raina during a training session ©Angie Sanchez My horse, "Bahamut" is an ex-racehorse, otherwise known as an Off the Track Thoroughbred or OTTB. As a Thorough...