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Christmas Charity Video from Castle Leslie in Ireland

It's funny, it's Christmassy and it's for charity! Watch this video and get a laugh for a good cause! There’s nothing people like to watch more than a good old parody. Especially when it’s of something iconic and supports a good cause. And what is more iconic about C...

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Responsible Equestrian Tourism- the “Happy Horses Holiday Code”

Get educated on how you can be a responsible equestrian tourist and help improve the lives of working equines around the world. by Jocelyn Pierce Responsible tourism is a growing trend in the travel industry. The main objective of responsible tourism is to maximize economic, social, cultural, ...

Expert Equestrian Articles

The Brooke- Improving the Lives of Working Horses, Donkeys and Mules

Helping equines and people in some of the world's poorest communities. by Jocelyn Pierce Are you concerned about the quality of the horses that you may use for trekking around the world? Have you ever traveled internationally and been disappointed by the condition of the horses? Read on to...