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Horse Riding and Mule Packing in the Ansel Adams Wilderness

Why go on a horse riding vacation in the Sierra Wilderness? It’s simple. As beautiful as this country is, it’s always twice as nice when seen between the ears of a horse. Story and photography by Michael W. Church Michael W. Church It was August 16, 2015 and the fourth year of an e...

Meet Your Host

Meet Your Host- 7 Lazy P Outfitting in Montana

Many ranching and outfitting families have a long legacy of horsemanship and travel in the great outdoors. The Crary Family of 7 Lazy P Outfitting is no exception. The 7 Lazy P has been in continuous operation since 1931. Members of the Professional Wilderness Outfitters Association and Monta...

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10 Things to Love about Horseback Pack Trips

A horseback pack trip gets you out into the wilderness to truly discover the call of the wild! Here's what we love about packing out on horseback! by Darley Newman If you really want to get into the wilderness, a horseback pack trip is a great option. It gets you to pristine places faster ...