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Endurance Riding by Moonlight in Vermont

Horses and runners take on Vermont trails during an endurance race and run by moonlight. by Stacey Stearns For the last 30 years, a 100-mile endurance ride and a 100-mile endurance run have taken place concurrently in West Windsor, Vermont. Steve Rojek was out at the Western States Trail Ride (als...

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Lucian Spataro on Endurance Riding- Dangerous Rides, Award-Winning Horses

Lucian Spataro Shares Lessons Learned in Endurance Riding, Including Dangerous Rides and Award-Winning Horses In 1989, I rode a team of Arabian horses coast to coast, 2,963 miles in 150 days to bring attention to various environmental issues. As I sit here today writing these words, it is a...