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Arizona- Cave Creek

Today, I rode a beautiful horse named Pressley, a Missouri Foxtrotter owned by Terry Smith, a Cave Creek local who is an avid horse trail preservationist. In fact, a lot of Cave Creek residents are into preserving trails and making life in their town horse friendly, including Don and Cathy Peterso...

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Arizona- Tanque Verde Ranch

Before we traveled to Bellota Ranch, we spent some time exploring Tucson and stayed at Tanque Verde Ranch in Arizona. We shopped on historic 4th Avenue near the university. With shops like the Salt Crystal Palace, where you can buy salt crystals that have healing powers, and the Hippie Gypsy, it&#...

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Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler Recipe

I've had several emails from people who have requested the recipe for the dutch oven peach cobbler that Barbara Kennedy of Cowgirls Forever and I made in the Arizona episode that is broadcast in our new season now on PBS. We rode our horses from the B and B where I was staying in Cave Creek...