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Submission Guidelines

Equitrekking.com publishes a variety of articles related to equestrian lifestyle, horse breeds and travel, including travel articles and first person narratives, interviews with equestrian experts, artists and ranchers, travel reviews and more. We encourage writers interested in submitting a story to us to look over various sections of Equitrekking.com to view our content.

The best approach submitting a story is to write an email outlining the proposed piece, including a resume if the article is based on your personal expertise or a description of your experience.

Articles typically range from 300 to 1500 words and longer articles are formatted with short paragraphs, subheads between every few paragraphs, and photos with detailed captions. Select articles will be chosen for the Equitrekking.com monthly e-newsletter.

The writer's name will be included with the publication of all manuscripts submitted by author, and can include a brief biography and links to the author’s websites. Writers retain ownership of the copyright, but we generally ask for first publication rights until 60 days after the first publication of the article on Equitrekking.com.

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