Quebec City and Beyond

Quebec City and Beyond

Charlevoix, Changing Leaves, Rock Climbing, Appalachian Mountains & Quebec City

Equitrekking's host Darley Newman views the changing leaves of autumn in Quebec on horseback, travels to Quebec City and the village of St. Fabien, visits the artist area of Charlevoix to enjoy riding in the forest and rock climbing, and traverses rivers and streams to pan for gold in the Appalachian Mountains.

In Quebec City, Darley takes a break from the saddle to shop for organic food at the Old Port Market. She explores Place-Royale and Petit Champlain, before traveling to the village of Saint-Fabien.

At Ranch CR, Darley treks through rolling farmland and rugged woods to a high point and along the St. Lawrence River.

In nearby Rimouski, she learns about one of the greatest tragedies in Quebec maritime history, the sinking of the Empress of Ireland. In the artist enclave of Charlevoix, Darley rides sturdy horses into the hills to a pristine waterfall.

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