Jordan: Wadi Rum, Aqaba & Jerash

Jordan: Wadi Rum, Aqaba & Jerash

Wadi Rum Bedouin Trek, Aqaba Snorkeling, Wadi Mujib, Dana Nature Reserve & Jerash

Darley Newman, host of the Emmy award-winning Equitrekking series, travels throughout the small, Middle Eastern country of Jordan to experience culture, history and adventure. 

On a multi-day ride through the Wadi Rum Desert, made famous by the epic film “Lawrence of Arabia,” Darley learns about Bedouin culture as she treks on horseback and takes a sunrise camel ride. Eating locally made cuisine cooked in the shade of canyons and sleeping in Bedouin camps, Darley helps viewers get in touch with the natural environment and reach petroglyphs and desert wildlife.

On a break from the desert, Darley travels to the Gulf of Aqaba, bordered by Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, to snorkel above Aqaba’s colorful reef. Next, Darley hikes the Grand Canyon of Jordan-- Wadi Mujib. This huge water filled canyon is known to adventure travelers as an ultimate hike. Within Wadi Mujib, Darley is challenged to rappel down a waterfall, scale rocks and float through the canyon’s corridors, granting viewers a totally different view of Jordan’s diverse adventure activities.

In the Dana Nature Reserve, Darley spends the night in an eco-friendly camp before riding through the historic stone village of Dana with a local who explains what life is like for the people who live here. The episode ends in the ancient Roman city of Jerash. Viewers are taken along the city’s cobblestone avenues to well-preserved theatres and the lively hippodrome, where Darley experiences NASCAR’s ancient counterpart. Dressed in Roman garb, she hops a ride on a horse drawn chariot.

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