Irish Countryside

Irish Countryside

Ring of Kerry, Mount Juliet, Irish National Stud, Celtic Tombs & Countryside

Emmy Award-winning Equitrekking explores some of Ireland’s most popular and historic sights, including the Ring of Kerry, a Celtic tomb in County Clare, Mount Juliet Estate, the Irish National Stud, and the monastic settlement of Glendalough in Equitrekking Irish Countryside.

Darley rides along the Ring of Kerry, but not on a traditional tour. She sees the Ring of Kerry on horseback, the best way to take in spectacular views. With bright blue waters of Dingle Bay in the distance, Darley and her local guide Aoife ride by area lakes and cottages abandoned during the potato famine. They climb to high elevations on an old mass road, experiencing the history of County Kerry.

In County Clare, Darley stays in a 300-year-old farmhouse in one of the more rural parts of Ireland. She relaxes by the River Shannon, rides to an ancient Celtic tomb and hears traditional Irish music at the pub on her equestrian vacation in County Clare.

From rural bliss to sculpted decadence, Darley explores one of Ireland’s great sporting estates on horseback. Darley goes fishing and horseback rides at Mount Juliet estate, before heading to County Kildare for an insider’s tour of the Irish National Stud. It’s here that many award-winning Thoroughbreds are bred. Outside of Dublin, Darley tours Glendalough, a monastic settlement dating back to the sixth century.

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