Georgia Coast

Georgia Coast

Savannah, Sea Island, Jekyll, Cumberland & Beach Horse Riding

On Georgia's Coast, Equitrekking’s award-winning host and equestrian travel expert Darley Newman experiences the thrill of beach riding on Sea Island, wild horses on Cumberland Island, the hauntingly beautiful beaches of Jekyll Island and historic Savannah in an imported Viennese carriage.

On Sea Island, viewers experience many people's dream of riding horses on the beach on a nature ride with naturalist Stacia Hendricks and try what the island native’s call swim riding.

On secluded Cumberland Island, Darley observes wild horses with naturalist Fred Whitehead. Whitehead has been living on Cumberland Island for over 25 years and has an intimate knowledge of herd dynamics, the history of horses on the island and how they survive in the subtropical environment. Darley stays at the island's only lodging, the historic Greyfield Inn and learns about the Carnegie family's role in the island's history. Next Darley visits Jekyll Island, where she rides through the remnants of an ancient maritime forest on Driftwood Beach. Darley strolls through the historic district to delve deeper into Jekyll's unique past.

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