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A Snowy Horseback Ride in Armenia

Winter gives way to spring at Apaga Resort in Armenia. by Yulia Frolova Every time I travel, there is always a certain level of probability that something will not go as planned. A couple of times I missed confirmed and prepaid rides. All types of big and small changes of plans happened on the...

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Quebec- Montreal

In Montreal, we had the opportunity to visit the mounted police in Quebec’s Mount Royal Park, which is like New York’s Central Park. There are twenty Canadian horses that the park police use when patrolling, not only the park, but the entire city. The horses and their stables are wel...

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Quebec- North Hatley, Driving a Horse Drawn Sleigh Video

Learn to drive a horse drawn sleigh in Quebec's Eastern Townships  by Darley Newman     Jacques Robidas got Mimi and Jackie, two Belgian Draft horses, ready for my driving lesson. I would be learning to drive a horse drawn sleigh- so nice in the winter snow! We took...