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Crossing the Alps on Horseback- Mangalarga Marchadors Lead the Way

A husband and wife horseback rides across the Alps on an amazing adventure from Bavaria to Northern Italy. by Sophia Baptista de Oliveira, Haras Maripa One more time we set ourselves up another adventure with our horses Patek and Urano de Maripa. This time we crossed the Alps with our friends ...

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10 Great Places to Horse Ride- #7 Donana National Park, Spain

You can't get much better than horseback riding on the beach in Southern Spain, which is why this beautiful national park ranks #7 in our Top 10 list. by Darley Newman Doñana National Park is another destination that I've been priviledged to ride horses in twice! These are some ...

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10 Great Places to Horse Ride- #8 Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey is one of the most fascinating destinations we've ever horse ridden and ranks at #8 in our countdown.  by Darley Newman I've actually visited Cappadocia, Turkey twice now. It's one of the most interesting travel destinations I've ever explored and a grea...