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Vermont- Driving at the Mountain Top Inn

Drive Clydesdales at the Mountain Top Inn in Vermont by Darley Newman Well, the rain has put a damper on my plans to ride today at the Mountain Top Inn. Since it rained all morning, the trails were too wet. So, we spent the morning filming inside stuff. I sat by the fire for a bit. Yes, it is ...

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Vermont- Mountain Top Inn Trail Riding

Trail ride in Vermont's Green Mountains at the Mountain Top Inn by Darley Newman We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day at the Mountain Top Inn today. Located in Chittenden in Central Vermont, the Inn is small, but has all of the amenities of a resort. It's open year round with cr...

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Vermont- UVM Morgan Horse Farm

Learn about the University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm, where Great Morgan Horses Are Bred by Darley Newman Steve Davis, the Director of the University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm, is a bundle of energy, whose passion for Morgans is evident from his handshake. We were joining Steve for ...