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Miniature Horses as Therapy Animals

Learn about these pint-sized horses providing comfort to adults and children in hospitals and hospice programs, and members of law enforcement and their families who have experienced traumatic events. by Jocelyn Pierce Studies have shown the health benefits of owning pets. They have been known...

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Miniature Horses as Service Animals

You’ve heard of using dogs as service animals, but what about horses? Learn why mini horses are viable and effective guides. by Jocelyn Pierce The Guide Horse Program was founded in 1999 as an experimental program, to assess how miniature horses could provide assistance to visually impai...

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Behind the Scenes of Apassionata

How the horse extravaganza Apassionata is traveling across North America. by Karen Braschayko Have you ever gone to a major production involving horses and wondered how they do it? How do the horses go from city to city? Where do they stay, and how do they provide them with care to keep them ...