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Seven Guest Ranches for Snowy Winter Adventures

De-stress from the holidays with horses, mountain views and winter fun at a guest ranch. By Karen Braschayko If the post-holiday doldrums have you wishing for secluded, cozy log cabins and hearty home-cooked food, it’s a great time to plan a winter ranch vacation. Winter is just beginn...

50 State Trail Riding Project

Horseback Riding Idaho’s Panhandle National Forest & Heyburn State Park

Learn about Idaho horseback riding trails in the Panhandle National Forest and Heyburn State Park for the Equitrekking 50 State Trail Riding Project. by Kim Schwanz Heyburn State Park for Riders The hands down number one spot for trail riding in Northern Idaho for the general rider is Heybu...

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City of Rocks- Riding the California Trail in Idaho

The Equestrian Vagabond rides over historic Emigrant Trails in the City of Rocks National Reserve near Almo, Idaho. by Merri Melde Gold-seekers. Hunters. Trappers. Wanderers. Adventurers. Flee-ers. Seekers. Hundreds of thousands of pioneers migrated westward along the California Trail in the e...