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Horse Riding Alaska in Cooper Landing Video

On a Paint horse mix in her teens named Harley, I took to the trails in the Copper Landing area of Alaska. If you want to really get into nature and ride away from it all, Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula is a good choice. by Darley Newman I was riding into the Chugach National Forest, the seco...

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Rich Riding in Alaska’s Cooper Landing

Alaska horse tour in Cooper Landing on the Kenai, an area known for its rich gold prospecting past. By Darley Newman as published in her regular column in True West magazine I feel rather adventurous while horse riding in the Cooper Landing area on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, but I have n...

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Alaska- Cooper Landing

We went horseback riding at Cooper Landing today with Alaska Horsemen Adventures. Cooper Landing is on the Kenai Peninsula. It’s a beautiful area of mountains and glacier fed lakes, well known for its wonderful fishing. Michelle, our guide, took us through the Chugach National Forest, where ...