Wyoming- Cody Rodeo

Cody, Wyoming has been holding a rodeo every summer night for over 60 years.

by Darley Newman

Folks gather at The Cody Stampede Rodeo for barrel racing, team roping, bull riding, bareback riding, tide down roping, junior steer riding, and of course, the rodeo clown. Cody, Wyoming has been coined the "Rodeo Capital of the World."

Cody Rodeo

I kept thinking about what events I would try. I've tried barrel racing before. Even though I went pretty slow, it was a lot of fun. The female barrel racers really move on their horses. I was certainly impressed. You most likely couldn't get me to do the bull riding. That is one dangerous sport.

Code Rodeo

Our crew and I were in and out of the ring and standing over the gate where the bulls barreled out for each ride. They got some very close action shots and more than a few times had to skirt out of the ring and behind the metal fence.

Cody Rodeo

Also impressive and very cute were the children who barrel raced. One child and her horse slid going around the third barrel and fell to the ground. We all took off our hats and held our breath for her, as she eventually got up and hopped out of the ring.

There were competitors from all over the world at this small town rodeo--even as far away as Australia. Because they have it every night, it's a popular place for aspiring athletes to get their start and gain experience.

As music blared and the announcer told us bits of interesting information on each rider, I sat back and took it all in.