Uruguay Beach Riding in Rocha

It’s not everyday that I see a gaucho on the beach, but in the small South American country of Uruguay this is not so uncommon an occurrence. As Alejandro, Alexander and I cantered along the beaches of Uruguay in the Rocha province near the Brazilian border, I felt like I was exploring an unchartered territory.

Alejandro pointed to the rocks jutting out of the sea in the distance, to show how dangerous the shores of Rocha have been throughout history. He told stories of shipwrecks and of the locals who have collections of goods taken from the wreckage.

Later, we would have lunch at Guardia del Monte, an over 100-year-old estancia, where the owner Alicia cooks meals on a grand wood burning stove recovered from a English ship that wrecked off the coast in the 1870’s. Further down the beach, I could see the black top of a submarine that had met its demise. There are miles of dramatic beaches, lagoons and marshland to discover on horseback in Rocha and many colorful birds to listen to and look for as you ride. Before venturing to the historic Santa Teresa Fort, a Portuguese fort that dates back to 1862, we let our horses rest while we had lunch just off the beach in a secluded spot amid the sand dunes and a sea of giant palm trees. 

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