Uruguay- Finca Piedra Sustainable Estancia

Visit a sustainable estancia in Uruguay for horse riding and adventure

by Darley Newman

We arrived to Finca Piedra Estancia at sunset, the perfect time to see Pedro the gaucho gathering the horses and taking them to another pasture. This is an estancia (ranch), where you’ll enjoy eating many of the products produced right on the farm.

Finca Piedra Estancia

There’s wine from their vineyard, honey from their bee hives, fresh vegetables and fruits which they preserve to make jams and limoncello. They also raise sheep, cows, and horses. Run by a French and South African couple, Sandrine and Jason, the ranch sits among the rolling grasslands of Uruguay’s countryside. 

Finca Piedra sustainable ranch

On our first night, we prepared for the filming the following day by talking out by a big bonfire, eating cheese and chorizo and trying some of the wine from the vineyard. For dinner, we moved into the new, big dining area of the main lodge to feast on lamb filled ravioli.

Finca Piedra

Sandrine and Jason told us about their decision to leave their lives in London and move to Uruguay, a bold move for the young couple. The two are very hands on and have worked hard at building their estancia and guest business. I would imagine that it would be very hard work to run a farm that produces so many things, but also very rewarding to sit down at the end of the day and literally eat the fruits of my labor.

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