The Curly Sport Horse Breed Profile

Considered to be hypoallergenic to most people–It's the horse breed with a twist. Is the Curly Sport Horse the right breed for you?

Equitrekking interviews Linda VavRosky of Creekside Curlies. Linda shares with us the origins and characteristics of this fairly new and truly unique breed of horse.  

A young Curly Sport Horse / Creekside Curlies

Raina Paucar for Equitrekking: What are the origins of the Curly Sport Horse?

Linda VavRosky:The origin of the Curly Horse is steeped in mystery. There were pictographs in China and writings about Curly Horses in Native American records. There was also a ranch that captured curly coated horses directly from the wild, and this is considered to be a part of our breed's history. The Curly Sport Horse of today holds its roots in this history. From this pool of curly horses, a select group of breeders had the vision to use the most talented Curly Sport Horses in sports disciplines.

Equitrekking: What are the general conformation characteristics of the Curly Sport Horse?

Linda VavRosky: A noble and expressive head, on a well set medium-length neck; Nice sloping shoulders, a medium-length back that has good connection to a strong loin and long hip. The legs should have substantial bone, large clean joints, hooves should be hard and of a good size with correct angles.

Enjoying a winter ride on a Curly / Creekside Curlies

Equitrekking: How has the Curly Sport Horse been used throughout history?

Linda VavRosky: The Curly is a true Sport Horse. Though still in its infancy, in the last forty years, Curlies have been used throughout the world for sports. They are creating history as we speak.

Equitrekking: What are some fun facts about the Curly Sport Horse?

Linda VavRosky: The Curly Sport Horse is hypoallergenic for most people who suffer from allergies. The hair and coat are the most unique from other horse breeds–even foals are born with a curly coat. "User friendly" is a term often used to describe a Curly Sport Horse. 

DCC Traveler, Curly Sporthorse / Traveling Moon Ranch

Equitrekking: What kind of temperament is this breed know for?

Linda VavRosky: Curlies have amazing temperaments; they are smart, quick to learn, very user friendly, kind, and they retain their lessons, and love and bond deeply with their human(s).

Equitrekking: What style of rider best suits the Curly Sport Horse?

Linda VavRosky: Curlies are smart and learn quickly. They do best with a kind hand, and will work very hard for their rider. This horse is a perfect fit for the Adult Amateur rider.

Equitrekking: Has the Curly Sport Horse evolved over time? If so, how?

Linda VavRosky: Yes. Dedicated sport breeders have taken the best of the foundation Curlies and outcrossed with the best of Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds and other breeds to improve the next generation. There are Warmblood crosses, and we see the popularity rising here. You truly get the best of both worlds in a more manageable size and temperament.

Curlies make excellent dressage horses / FloraLake Curlies

Equitrekking: Are there any famous Curly Sport Horses?

Linda VavRosky: Curly Sport Horses are just now making waves in the sport world.

Equitrekking: What makes the Curly Sport Horse unique as a breed?

Linda VavRosky: There is no denying the uniqueness of this breed. The hair coat is the Curly Sport Horse's own unique trait. The hair and coat has been found to have hypoallergenic qualities. Many people who are allergic to horses, are not allergic to curlies. The hypo factor is an individual trait, unique to each person and each horse.

The horses grow a curly body coat in the winter, but their manes and tails often stay curly all year round. Many horses have a summer "ripple" to their coat. Body curls come in various degrees, from tight curls to a loose marvel wave. For some horses, there is not much noticeable curl at all.

Curlies are easy keepers with hard feet that rarely need shoes. They retain their lesson training, which pays off for the rider that can not train every day. Curlies also make stellar trail horses and great competition horses.

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