Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch Offering Special Weeks for Solo Travelers

Travel to this Colorado guest ranch for their special weeks, including the Great Grownup Getaway, a kid-free week!

by Darley Newman

West of Loveland and an hour north of Denver, Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch is a family-oriented, environmentally conscious dude ranch. While not as many solo travelers visit the ranch during the summer, this ranch’s special weeks, including the Great Grownup Getaway, are an attraction for solo travelers who want to ride the Rockies.

Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch breakfast horse ride

Enjoy adult activities like wine and cheese tastings, guided nature hikes, country dance lessons and the breakfast ride to the Green Ridge.

“We offer our Cowgirl Roundup, ladies only getaway, in both June and October each year. For the Cowgirl Roundup, we set a limit of 20 guests so folks don't feel as if they would be lost in the mix” writes Karen Burbank, Sylvan Dale’s Dude Ranch & Lesson Program Coordinator. “During the summer season, we really only have a few single travelers each year, but they have all made some great friends during their visits.”

There is also the Great Grownup Getaway offered each August, which draws in guests from around the world. The ranch is 5,280 feet in elevation, which is around the same as Denver, meaning those who suffer from elevation issues should enjoy this lower elevation climate.

Sylvan Dale guest ranch horseback

Riding during the Great Grownup Getaway at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch.

Single Supplement Lowdown:
Special weeks are priced accordingly per person. Please check out the Sylvan Dale site for more information.

When to go:
Solo travelers should aim to visit this ranch during special Cowgirl and Adult Only weeks, including the Great Grownup Getaway.

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