Horse Riding in the Snow - Mont Tremblant Travel Video

Experience the thrill of dashing through the snow on horseback with this Equitrekking video

Horse ride on the snowy trails around the popular ski area of Mont Tremblant. Host and equestrian travel expert Darley Newman visits Ranch Mont Tremblant to ride with Daniel Locas. The trails are well groomed for horse riding in the snow, making for a beautiful equestrian adventure.

Video Transcript

Josee: Are you ready cowgirl?
Darley: I think I’m ready.
Josee: Yee-haw! Let’s go!

Daniel Locas: I guess we’re all set.
Darley: Ready to go.
Daniel: Okay, let’s ride.
Darley: All right.

Darley: We’re heading out along the diverse Black River Trail to a high spot with good views of the mountains. There will be special things to see and learn all along the ride.

Darley: Daniel, is this more than usual for the amount of snow?
Daniel: Oh yeah, this year is fabulous, we have three times the amount of snow we have normally. Very good for skiing.
Darley: Yeah.

Darley: There’s something so special about riding in the snow and taking in the quiet beauty of nature.

Daniel: It’s peaceful during wintertime, you know, you don’t hear a sound. It’s very quiet. Nature is uh, it’s sleeping, so. That stuff impresses me during winter.

Daniel: So this is the black river. Coming right from this mountaintop over there.

Darley: You can tell there’s a real chill in the air, when a flowing river is frozen. We pick up the pace, to get the blood flowing and warm up a bit.  

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